Kid Goat Chops

Simple and easy kid goat chops. Like lamb chops, there is not a ton of meat on a kid goat chop. Figure four to five chops per person for a main course. Goat is a lot leaner than lamb, so don’t feel badly about eating five chops ! I whipped up a yogurt marinade using Karoun yogurt and a mix of ground cumin, turmeric, cayenne pepper, ground coriander, paprika, black pepper, and sea salt. Little lemon juice helps to make it more liquidy. Mix it up, coat the chops, and let it sit overnight.

I cook my chops on a Le Creuset cast iron grill on the stove top. In my opinion, this keeps them more moist than a gas or charcoal grill. That bad boy heats up, and it takes no more than seven or eight minutes on the first side, then five on the other to cook the chops through. Of course I got my goat from Nature’s Bounty Halal Meats, and of course I took the extra chops back up to Ahmad and Laurie. Just so they could test them after the fast 🙂